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Personalized treatment for adolescents 12-17

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Our Teen Treatment Programs in Tacoma

Our virtual programs are flexible enough to fit into your teen’s everyday life, whether at home, school or with friends. This means your teen can get help exactly when needed, no matter where they are.

Teen Treatment

Teen mental health challenges we treat

Watching your teen struggle with mental health issues can be deeply distressing for any parent. We offer specialized support for a variety of challenges:

  • 🧠 Anxiety and stress: We offer techniques to help teens manage stress and anxiety, promoting a sense of calm.
  • 😢 Depression: We provide support to help teens overcome sadness and regain joy.
  • 💬 Communication issues: We guide teens in enhancing their communication skills, helping them connect better with others.
  • 🔄 Behavioral disorders: We address behaviors linked to ADHD and other disorders, improving social interactions.
  • 🌐 Social challenges: We assist teens in navigating social situations confidently and successfully.
  • 👥 Peer pressure and bullying: We equip teens with strategies to handle peer pressure and bounce back from bullying.
  • 📚 Academic pressure: We support teens in managing educational stress, aiding them in achieving their academic goals without overwhelming anxiety.